Founded in 1982, CMG Petroleum Equipment Co., the manufacturer of oil special vehicle and drilling equipment in China. It has 1000 sets of equipments for processing, inspecting and testing. Our technology capability is strong and inspection equipments are perfect. Besides that, our quality warranty system is integrity.

Main products
CMG Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed drilling rig, truck-mounted rig and associated equipments, rig moving system, generator set, different types of swabbing truck, cementing truck, transportation and engineering truck, other associated parts and 180 kinds. Our products has been used in the oil and gas field all of the world.

Special Products
The Well flushing and paraffin removal truck of CMG Petroleum Equipment is awarded national excellent and new production by the State Economic and Trade Commission.
The drill rig integrated moving system developed firstly in china has been used in Sudan, Yemen and Saudi, and has good performance.
The SJD series generator sets are specified for the eighteenth investigation team of the South Pole by Pole investigation office of the National Ocean Bureau.

Exported Countries of CMG Petroleum Equipment Products
America, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Libya, Qatar, Yemen, Venezuela, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Sudan, Yemen, Egypt, Indonesia, Albania, India Etc.

Human resources: our company has about 1000 staff. Among them, more than 200 professional and technical personnel, more than 20 doctors and masters, more than 30 professors engineers and senior engineers, more than 100 intermediate engineers and more than 30 technicians.
Technology advantages: CMG Petroleum Equipment owns finite element analysis software ANSYS, ADMS, 3D PRO/E and SOLIDEGE and management software. And it is the new technology enterprise named by SINOPEC and it is the perfect technology enterprise which produces petroleum equipments in HENAN province.

Certificates of CMG Petroleum Equipment
ISO9001-2000 Certificate of Quality Management System, 3C, ISO10012 inspection certificate.
API SPEC 4F、7K、8C certificate, using right of API brand
Our company also owns many self-intellectual property right(national patent).
TOP ten enterprises in petroleum equipments manufacturing factories.