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Drilling Rigs

Truck-Mounted Rigs

As a drilling equipment supplier, our company specializes in oilfield equipment.  The truck-mounted rigs have the ...

Tag: Truck Mounted Oil Drilling Rig | Deep Hole Drilling Rig | Oil Drill Rig

Skid-Mounted Rigs

Our skid-mounted rigs integrated machine, electricity, liquid, gas and digital control together. This skid-mounted ...

Tag: Deep Water Well Truck Mounted Drill Rig For Water Well | Water Well Drilling Machine

Our company offers the whole package of drilling rigs like skid-mounted drilling rigs and truck-mounted drilling rigs.
The skid-mounted drilling rigs of China drill rig equipment ranging from 750HP to 2500HP include diesel electric AC/VFD and DC/SCR drive rigs, mechanical drive rigs and combination drive rigs.
The truck-mounted drilling rigs range from 250HP to 850HP.