Truck-mounted Cementing Equipment

Based on the second-class chassis, the truck-mounted cementing equipment is refitted by adding platform, engine, triplex plunger pump, measuring cabinet, gas-liquid system, control system and other special equipments. This truck-mounted cementing unit has no auto slurry-mixing system. The cementing truck is mainly used for well-cementing and well-flushing of oil field. It is called mechanical cementing truck when being equipped with mechanical transmission box. The truck-mounted cementing unit is called hydraulic cementing truck when equipped with hydraulic transmission box. The optional chassis: Shanqi (6×4), Beiben (6×6).


1, High pressure, large displacement, high efficiency, safety and reliable.
2. The truck-mounted cementing unit is safe and easy to operate the control system and this cementing truck meets the requirement of oil field operation.
3. Displacement measuring system, operating room and 30m wired remote control are optional.


Parameters of Truck-mounted Cementing Equipment

Performance parameter 400 type cementing truck 700 type cementing truck
Hydraulic Mechanical Hydraulic Mechanical
Max. pressure MPa 40 40 70 70
Max. displacement m3/h 100 71.8 60 84