1000HP Skid-Mounted Rig

1000HP skid-mounted land drill rigs (ZJ40/2250DB) adopt swing up substructure and K type mast, one time stringing leads to continuous raising.
The double motors and single transmission drive two shifts AC frequency conversion drawworks with single shaft, which can realize double stages stepless speed regulation and improve the equipment reliability.
Electric drive control system of 1000HP skid-mounted land drill rigs adopt Siemens PLC and AC frequency conversion technology, which has the characters of high mechanical efficiency and high control precision.
The whole rig control system of land drilling rigs adopts the heat backup mode which is compatible and fault-tolerant.
Its two sets of supporting F-1300 triplex cylinder mud pumps can improve drilling speed, ensures the bit reliable high-speed rotation, prolongs the service life of the drill bit and improves drilling efficiency.


1. With the adoption of advanced digital AC frequency conversion electric transmission and the integration design of machine, electricity, liquid, gad and digital control, the skid-mounted land drill rigs are more simplified on structure.
2. Equipment of land drilling rigs is installed at low position and integrated hoist,which reduces the workload of aerial work and improves the safety.
3. Electric transmission adopts vector frequency conversion drive system and realizes the fully digital control operation.
4. The reserve interface for remote fault diagnosis expert system can realize control parameters and drilling parameters (signal) collection, display, storage, print remote monitoring and management.
5. Enlarging the parameter range of bit pressure, drilling rate, pump pressure and pump capacity realizes the high precise control and improves drilling crafts. With the adoption of frequency conversion technology, the winches of skid-mounted land drill rigs are suspended which change the traditional way of driller operation.
6. The operation control system of land drilling rigs adopts dual PLC design and improves the reliability of the system.


Parameters of 1000HP Skid-Mounted Rig

Nominal drilling depth (114mm DP) 2500~4000m
Open diameter of rotary table φ700mm (27.5”)
(127mm DP) 2000~3200m Qty.× power of diesel engine 3×1000kW
Max. hook load 2250kN Shift of Drawworks stepless speed regulation
Traveling system 5×6 Height of substructure 7.5m
Diameter of Drill line φ32mm Mast model and height K type, 43m
Mud pump Qty ×power 2×1300hp Drawworks power 735kW (1000hp)
Transmission type AC-VFD-AC Mud high pressure manifold Φ102mm (diameter) ×35MPa
Rotary table gear 1 shift stepless speed regulation mud tank effective volume of solid control system ≥180m3