350HP Workover Rig

350HP oilfield workover rigs are a kind of ruck-mounted drilling equipment.
The chassis of service workover rigs adopts home-made 6×6, 8×8 special chassis or 10×8 special chassis. It is also equipped with high speed diesel motor, hydraulic mechanical drive, angle gear box, drawworks assembly, two-section telescoping mast, traveling system, hydraulic and pneumatic system, etc. The service workover rigs are mainly used for medium and small operation in 4000m oil and water well with 73mm (2.7/8”) tubing. Being equipped with related components and drilling rig, it also can be used in major workover operation.


1. The chassis of oilfield workover rigs adopts home-made \workover rig chassis which has rational distribution and good performance on bumpy road.
2. The service workover rigs adopt two-section telescoping mast with 29m or 32m and monkey board. Its adjusting height is 17.6m, 20.2m or 21.2m.
3. The main drum of drawworks adopts integral LIBUS groove to line regularly. The auxiliary brake adopts S 122 hydraulic brake and can equip with pneumatic water cooling disc brake.
4. The control system of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic adopts centralized control which is easy to operate. The main parts and components of oilfield workover rigs adopt imported original famous brand products to ensure product reliability.


Parameters of 350HP Workover Rig

Workover depth (2 7 / 8 " thicken DP) (m) 4000
Overhaul workover depth (2 7/8” DP) (m) 3200
Nominal hook load (kN) 650
The max. loading (kN) 900
The height of mast (m) 23.5
The diameter of rope/effective number of rope (mm/n) Φ26/8
Maximum pulling speed of hook (m/s) 1.1
The dimension of moving state (including mast) (m) 13910×2705×4320
Weight of the whole set (kg) 31490