Fracturing Pump Truck

Based on the second-class chassis, the fracturing truck is refitted by adding platform, engine, gearbox, plunger pump and other special equipments.
The pump fracturing truck is mainly used for fracturing operation of oil-gas well as well as single and on-line operation with multiple devices. The truck adopts local and remote control mode.
The control cabinet of fracturing truck is equipped with remote control interface which can be attached to instrument vehicle to control.


1. high pressure, large displacement, high efficiency, safety and reliable.
2. The control system operation of fracturing truck is safe and convenient, which meet the requirement of oil field operation.
3. The plunger pump of pump fracturing truck has overpressure system. Its engine comes back to idle speed automatically, transmission case is at braking state and fracturing pump stop working.


Parameters of Fracturing Truck

Max. pressure(Mpa) 105
Max. displacement(L/min) 2719
Working medium Fracturing fluid
Chassis (optional) Beiben ND23100G50,BENZ 4144
Engine (optional) Cummins KTA50-G8/MTU 12V4000
Gearbox (optional) BY2000/ALLISION S9820M