Dump Truck with Hydraulic Arm

The hydraulic dump truck is mainly composed of chassis, self loading and unloading system and cargo pallet. It is mainly used to load and unload 4.5m~8.5m tank and cabinet. Its pull force reaches to 10t.
The self-load and unload system of self-dumping truck adopt swept body, full hydraulic drive, reversible box-type lifting arm and "L” type swinging arm.
The lifting arm, swinging arm and drawhook of hydraulic dump truck adopt imported high strength steel, and the rear end is equipped with stabilizing device (hydraulic outrigger).
Mode of the power takeoff is clockwise pattern.


The hydraulic dump truck integrated loading, unloading and transportation together. It adopts pallet to speed loading and unloading process. It is easy to operate.


Parameters of Dump Truck with Hydraulic Arm

Overall size (mm) 11026 × 2495 ×3260
Overall Weight (kg) 24980
Rated load (kg) 11170
Curb weight (kg) 13680
Driving form 6×6
Handing time (load / unload) 100s/110s
Hydraulic system pressure 27 MPa
Hydraulic system flow 40 L/min
Oil pump Import axial plunger pump, Italy