Skid-mounted Cementing Unit

The skid-mounted cementing unit is refitted by adding triplex plunger pump, truck-mounted diesel engine, clutch, transmission case, clear water pump, suction & exhaust manifold, circuit system and control system and other special device.
The cementing unit is mainly used for cementing, well cleaning operation in oilfield.


1. The control system of Skid-mounted cementing unit is safe and easy to operate, and it meets the requirement of oil field operation.
2. Cost saving


Parameters of Skid-mounted Cementing Unit

Model Skid-mounted cementing unit
Max. working pressure (MPa) 70
Max. theory displacement (m3/h) 84.6
Max. input power of triplex plunger pump (kW) 300
Working medium water, slurry and other oil well service fluid