250HP Truck-Mounted Rigs

As a kind of truck-mounted drilling rigs, our 250HP truck-mounted drills adopt 6×6 chassis and high speed diesel engine. It is mainly composed of winch with single drum, two section telescopic mast, integrated overhead traveling crane, 3×4 traveling structure, hydraulic and pneumatic system. With the adoption of hydraulic mechanical transmission mode, it has the characters of big starting torque and high efficient transmission. This drilling rig is mainly used for middle and small workover job in oil and water well from 3200m to 3600m and 73mm(2.7/8″) tubing.


1. With the special design of 6×6 special truck chassis, our 250HP truck mounted drilling rigs are easy to operate and work well on bumpy road.
2. The transmission of 250HPtruck-mounted drills are steady and operation are convenient because of their high speed diesel engines and hydraulic transmission boxes.
3. The 21m two-section mast or 23.5m two-section mast is optional, and simple drilling platform is optional.
4. Winch system of 250HP truck-mounted drills adopts single drum or double drum type. the main drum is integral LEUBS groove and the ropes are arranged orderly. It is equipped with a crown block protector device.


Parameters of 250HP Truck-Mounted Drills

Workover depth (2 7/8″upset tubing) m 3200
Nominal hook load KN 400
Max. hook load KN 675
Mast height m 21,23.5
Diameter. of rope mm/Effective number of rope n φ22/6
Max. hoisting speed of hook m/s 1.5
Outside dimension when moving (including mast) mm 13910×2705×4320
Curb weight kg 31490