Gin Pole Truck

The gin pole truck is provided with function of winch truck, crane vehicle and tractor function. Being fitted with all-wheel drive special truck chassis, the gin pole truck is also equipped with cargo bedplate, hoist frame, PTO, hydraulic oil pump, hydraulic oil tank, remote control valve, directional control valve, turnover saddle, hydraulic winch, pulley, traveling block, chains, steel wire and ropes.


The hoist frame of gin pole truck is easy to assembly and disassembly.
Flexible rotate saddle and high-powered hydraulic winch.


Parameters of Gin Pole Truck

Rated load weight (t) 20
Winch steel wire pull force (bottom) (t) 25
Winch steel wire diameter (inch (mm)) 1 1 /8"(28mm)
Steel wire working speed (bottom) ( m/ mi n) 5.5
Rated lifting capacity of hosting frame (t) 15
Effective bearing surface size (mm) 6000×2500