750HP Skid-Mounted Rig

750HP mobile skid-mounted rig (ZJ30/1700B) is driven by AC variable frequency motor.
According to its function, the mobile drilling rigs are divided into the following major areas: drilling platform, power and electric supply area, pump area, solid control area, oil tank area and other devices.
It is suitable for side drilling well, directional well and vertical well drilling operation within 3000m.
Its winch and rotary table adopt independent driving mode.
The winch of mobile skid-mounted rig is driven by one 600kW AC variable frequency motor and rotary table is driven by one 300kW AC variable frequency motor.
Two sets of F-500 mud pumps of the mobile drilling rigs are respectively driven by the other two YJ23A500kW AC variable frequency motors.
To realize the 2+2R gears, the motor of driven winch is driven by one set of two shifts transmission and goes through chain box.
Rotary table of mobile 750HP skid-mounted rig adopts direct connection between motor and rotary through transmission shaft.


1. The 750HP drilling rigs adopt modular design which needs less installation and transportation times. It also can move and disassembly quickly.
2. The mast of mobile skid-mounted rig is front open-face, "K” type. It is two-section telescoping structure. It raises and goes down by its own power. The substructure is high-low position hydraulic telescoping structure,and its installation is on low position.
3. The rig is driven and controlled by AC frequency conversion mode.
4. It has special driller console. All air hose and oil tubes of the mobile drilling rigs adopt quick acting coupling and are remarked clearly.


Parameters of 750HP Mobile Skid-Mounted Rig

Nominal drilling depth (114mm DP) 1600~3000m Open diameter of rotary table φ520mm (20.5”)
Max. hook load 1700kN Qty.× power of diesel engine 2×800kW
Traveling system 5×6 Shift of Drawworks 2 F+2 R, Stepless speed regulation
Dia. of Drill line φ29mm Height of substructure 5m
Power transferring system AC-DC-AC Mast model and height Double telescopic, K-type,32m