Rig Substructure Moving Equipment

This rig substructure moving equipment can move the whole ZJ40/50/70/90 rig substructure.
Being equipped with hydraulic raising system, traction device, traction axle and bearing axle of substructure, this drill rig moving equipment can greatly reduce moving times.
As a drill rig moving system supplier in China, our drill rig moving equipment for substructure is an ideal equipment to move rigs which can save time and cost as well as improve working efficiency.


It can realize the whole movement of ZJ40/50/70/90 drilling rig substructure.


Basic performance Design parameter
Max total weight of drilling rig (t) 180~330
Max moving capacity of drilling rig solid moving system (t) 220~390
Min clearance from ground (mm) 600
Max moving speed (km/h) 10km/h
Width of application road (mm) 12000
Temperature of application environment(℃) -17~55