Truck with Crane

The truck with loading crane is composed of loading truck and crane. The derrick cargo truck is mainly used for self-loading and self-unloading of logistics, railway, highway, telecom, mine, electric power company, water conservancy company, water-supply company, landscaping, casting yard, wharf and shipping.


1. Self-loading and self-unloading, or loading and unloading for other vehicles.
2. Compact structure, easy operation, safe and reliable and good mobility.


Parameters of Truck With Crane

Overall size (L×W×H) mm 10415×2500×3850(10760×2470×3650)
Max lifting capacity kg/m 8000/2.0(5000/2.25)
Max. lifting height of full arm mm 15000(10500)
Internal size of carriage edge (L×W×H) mm 6800×2428×592(7500×2294×550)
Rated payload kg 9140(8645)