650HP Truck-Mounted Rigs

650HP mobile oil drilling rigs are researched and developed by ZYT Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd independently. It is the max grade self-propelled drilling rig in China. With the adoption of numbers of patented technology, mobile drilling rigs' max static load is 1470kN. With the adoption of numbers of new patented technology, our 650HP rig adopts CAT engineC18 and Allison M6620AR gearbox as its driving force. Its chassis adopts 12 x 8 drive. Its overweight distributes rationally and its performance is reliable. The mobile oil drilling rigs are widely used for overhaul of deep oil fields, workover, oil testing, salvage and pump inspection operation.


1. It adopts 12×8 self-propelled chassis.
2. The main brake of winch adopts hydraulic disc brake system and its auxiliary brake adopts Eaton pneumatic water-cooled disc auxiliary brake.
3. Finite element analysis and design pf mobile oil drilling rigs is adopted on Mast, Frame and drawworks to reduce the weight of the rig.
4. It adopts 5+5R anti-reverse rotary table transmission device.
5. Parallelogram substructure of mobile drilling rigs has stable structure and is easy to install.


Parameters of 650HP Mobile Oil Drilling Rigs

Drill depth (4 1/2” DP) m 2000
Max fastline pull kN 210
Max load kN 1470
Drill line Diameter mm (in)/effective number n Φ29 (1 1/8") /8
Mast hoisting speed m/s 1.4
Traveling system type 4×5
Engine CAT C18
Transmission ALLISION M6620AR
Clearance height of mast m 35m