Logging Truck

The logging truck has truck-mounted structure. It is mainly composed of chassis, drawworks drive system and drawworks control device, air system, electrical system, truck body etc.
As a logging truck supplier in China, our machine is mainly used for perforation and logging while drilling operations for oil, gas and water well within 5000 meters depth.


1. The logging truck is refitted on DFL1160BX5 (4x2) Dong Feng truck chassis, and it has double cabin layout and reasonable structure.
2. Closed hydraulic system has wide speed range, lower heating value and reliable performance.
It is equipped with safety valve and the pressure can be adjusted freely. Stable work performance and simple operation.
3.The antimagnetic drum permeability of logging truck conforms to the requirements of SY/T 5079-2008 "the oil well test equipment". It is connected to hydraulic motor through reducer and it has the advantages of very low failure rate and simple structure.
4.Step less speed regulating is adopted in drawworks system and the truck has the advantages of easy and simple operation, low noise, stable and reliable work conditions;
the brake adopts no dead end out- wrapping type double brake belt with hand brake mechanism and pneumatic brake. It has excellent safety performance.
5. Measurement system of logging truck is mainly composed of the measuring head installed on the rope-arrangement device and measuring panel installed on the operating board. It can measure, display and set the well depth of wireline and pull wireline to drum. It can measure the mechanical depth, electronic depth, electronic tension, tension difference and safety alarm, etc.
6. Rope-arranging system: it adopts the hydraulic control rope-arranging. The operation is easy with hydraulic power and its system has functions of servo buffer.
7. Instrument rack of logging truck can use airbags or machinery impact according to user's requirement. It is equipped with crown block pulley, reels pulley etc. The. operating cabin can install work table, sofa, sleeper and other facilities according to user’s requirements.


Model ZYT5142TCJ
Chassis model DFL1160BX5
Rated depth of logging (m) 5000(φ5.6/φ8mm电缆cable)
Max hoisting pull(kN) 30kN/50kN(φ5.6/φ8mm电缆cable)
Hoisting speed(m/h) 130—8000
Rated pressure of hydraulic system(MPa ) 20
Max speed(km/h) 90
overall dimension(L×W×H):mm 8650×2466×3520